Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Next Stop

In my last post I talked a little about my jobs here in Baton Rouge, that transition, and how I was coping with the balance. It's pretty funny to come back to this space after a summer of unplanned circumstances and read in my last post where I talk about slowing down. Things actually sped up pretty suddenly at the end of May. We had a terrible loss hit our family (Tim's side) not two weeks after that post. I touched on it a little with an update on Instagram, but that's why I haven't really been able to come back here. What I write and focus on with this blog didn't seem important and for a while I lost the energy to jump back in. 

But in the middle of the summer, I was offered a position in New Orleans. A dream opportunity for me and an adventure for us. So next stop - NOLA. My first day was today and it was fantastic. I'm so thankful for the experiences we've had over the summer, the good and bad, the food we ate, the people who love us and the opportunity to be there for best friends going through the very worst. This space helps me reflect on life around me and I hope these bits help you too.

We are ecstatic about exploring a new city, especially one that has always been dear to us. We'll be official New Orleanians at the end of September. I hope you'll be here for the big move and the new things we'll discover.

Here are some happy times during the summer:

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Remember to Breathe

I consider myself very fortunate to have two jobs at the moment. Both are in the wedding industry and both are run by #girlbosses. I happened upon the second job about a month ago and so far I'm loving the balance. The first job I mainly work from home and the second I go into a studio and that change up has been so motivating, though I can't say I haven't felt overwhelmed. I've been dedicating my thoughts to the present moment to keep semi-stress free and happy, both of which aren't hard to come by when you work for great people. 

Whatever your situation, don't become stuck in the past or in the future especially when you have work to do in the now. What has happened and what will happen are completely irrelevant to right now. I don't mean stop planning or dreaming; I mean, for introverted people with high anxiety, don't dwell. Listen to Dumbledore or you will miss so much! The minute I find my thoughts floating off I recognize them and return back to the present where, surprisingly, anxiety has dissipated. This may not be a new revelation to some people but we all come to true understanding at different points in our life. Right now, my life is focused on being true to myself and tinkering with different facets of the everyday to be a more grateful person. I've found that during the day when I can bring myself into the present moment and become fully aware of all the amazing things around me that all anxiety and negative feelings melt away, leaving only thankfulness and calm. I'm planning to share more ways to relax and saunter back to the present in the coming weeks. Summer is the season of slowing down, people.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Anniversary Weekend: New Orleans

We've been to New Orleans a lot lately and I have no complaints. It's one of my favorite places to just be. I'm sure we'll be residents one day, but for now our quick trips are becoming staple getaways to relax and recharge. We decided on a night there to mark our two year anniversary and chose the Queen & Crescent Hotel/Bar, just on the edge of the French Quarter and the Warehouse district. We thoroughly enjoyed the super comfortable beds, hardwood floors, tall ceilings and big beautiful windows. We got in around 4, freshened up in the room and moseyed downstairs to the bar for a cocktail and appetizers (outstanding) before heading out.

*My 'this is GOOD' face* - French 75's + fries + fried boudin

From Q&C we walked (underestimating how far 1 mile really is in heeled booties) to Angeline. New Orleans is perhaps the only city in Louisiana that you should walk, even with the longer trecks, because there are things happening everywhere- lots of people, street performers, musicians & filming. And this was on a Monday. Please excuse the lack of visuals there, I was trying to stay as present as possible on our 2nd anniversary! 

Angeline is something special. It was early on a Monday night so the crowd was light, which is exactly what I wanted - to just be alone, eating AMAZING FOOD, thinking back on the last two years, and reminiscing about our honeymoon with the bottle of wine we brought back. The chef sent us an appetizer as congratulations which turned out to be one of the tastiest things either of us had ever eaten. I gushed about it so much to our waiter that he brought out a card with the recipe written on it.

The next morning we were wide awake at 6am because of the loudest car alarm ever. But, it turned out to be a good thing (after a strong cup of coffee) since we had to be back home that night so we were able to visit most of the places on our list for this trip.

Fresh juice from Satsuma
A beautiful church stood wide open on our morning stroll
NOMA is easily in my top 5 favorite places in Louisiana
Absolute necessity: never ever leave New Orleans without a Hansen's snowball.

 *the cutie is not included with snowball

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